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Contest Entry: Yuko by GangstaCakes

Overall the composition is very pleasing, the colors work well and there are great hi-lights that pop (like her eyes, and the sash around her obi), and the drifty clouds are a nice touch. The pale outline ties everything together well!

My only real complaint is her right arm. It kinda completely disappears behind her head and hair, and it's hard to see how the staff is 'attached' to her.

From here on down, these are just nitpick details that aren't really bothering the overall composition of the piece.

The pose is kinda average, and just a bit static. There could be more of a bend to her waist, or a change in angle for her shoulders that could add a bit more to the pose, so your eye line has more 'stops' on the way across the image. Her legs look amazing though, and you draw clothing and it's layers really well so NO complaints there. <3 All of the above is totally optional. The nose might be a bit more centered if anything, because it looks like a combo of a 3/4th turn and straight on headshot, but it dosen't really take away from the image. (It's just a nitpick.)

Really, all the details I'm mentioning are just little things. Truly you DO have a solid and engaging image here, and should be very proud of it. I hope you do well in the contest! I think anyone who owned this character would be happy to see it so well-represented!
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