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October 22, 2013
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:OC: Kees by oddlittleleaf :OC: Kees by oddlittleleaf
Ruru let me make my own Asterian! ;;;;;;;;;; See more about them here!
  {Asterian} Closed Species Journal
(The Asterian in the references is currently mine)
*A closed species, therefore please please PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN!*
*Also, do not copy, steal, or reference this species heavily!! It's very disrespectful and I will be sad*
{Basic Information}
-Humanoid creatures
-Can live forever if they remain near their home planet/star
-Die when their stardust runs out
-Thus, many do not like to leave their home planet/star
-Asterians can only collect stardust from their home planet/star, they are not compatible with foreign stardust (unless they are mutated)
-VERY, VERY RARE Asterians do not live off stardust. Some collect ice chunks, or even asteroid chunks!
{"Skin" Color}
-The parts of the body that are not filled with stardust can be any color, any pattern. 
-Black or white are the most common colors
-The only parts that matter are the horns, body, and trails.
-Cheeks are flushed with the color of the Asterian's stardust

They are a closed species that belong to her, meaning you cannot make one without permission from her directly. I got personal permission to make one for myself, and to use this base as well, which is her private Asterian one. Please don't pester her for it.

Meet Kees. On old OC that I used to RP with on Gaia is now reborn!! A new name, a new form and a new life.

//huggles screen

I'm making progress. This is the first coloring in a while that I'm happy with. Overcoming a cold, and trying out new techniques...please expect commissions to be finished this week. n.n Barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

I want art of Kees. ;;;;;; Better start saving my commission money.

EDIT: Not that it's super important but I'd like to clarify that Kees is genderless. Kees original design (in another place and time, was actually male and under a different name). Just a random bit of info. Haha. <3
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That's really beautifully done!
oddlittleleaf Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much Gene!
Wow! She's super cool and adorable at the same time!
super cute shes looks awesome 
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